Student Groups

Space Exploration Alberta Robotics (SPEAR)

Our student project group, Space Exploration Alberta Robotics, aims to promote space exploration technology and robotics through educational outreach and participating in design competitions.

University of Alberta Aerial Robotics Student Group (UAARG)

UAARG is a student vehicle project in the Faculty of Engineering. We design and build our own UAV systems, typically of similar size to radio controlled model airplanes. Every year a system is designed, built, tested and then competed internationally.

Robomaster (UARM)

University of Alberta RoboMasters (UARM) is an interdisciplinary student group dedicated to two yearly international robotic competitions, namely RoboMaster A.I Challenge at IEEE ICRA and RoboMasters. Here on campus, UARM is devoted to providing opportunities for university students to gain real-world project experience through developing 8 robots of 6 varieties with a focus on efficiency, reconfigurability, and sustainability.

University of Alberta Biomedical Technologies Development Group (UABiomed)

UAlberta Biomed is a student group for innovative and hardworking students who are interested in creating solutions in the medicine, engineering, and science fields of study.

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project (ARVP)

The Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project (ARVP) is a project group for students at the University of Alberta to develop technologies involved in the design, construction and testing of autonomous underwater vehicles. ARVP participates in the yearly RoboSub Competition hosted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR)